Rapper 50 Cent recently sent the internet into a frenzy by posting a cryptic image on Instagram that referenced the rumored setting for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) – Vice City. While 50 Cent’s post got fans speculating on a possible role for the artist in GTA 6 50 Cent, further details have clarified his tease was not directly related to the upcoming Rockstar Games title after all.

GTA 6 50 Cent

50 Cent’s colorful “Vice City” logo post sparked massive online discussion about his potential involvement in GTA 6 50 Cent. Could the renowned rapper and actor lend his voice or likeness to the game? Headlines exploded with rumors of a special appearance by 50 Cent in GTA 6 50 Cent.

50 Cent and his production company G-Unit Film & TV are actually developing an unrelated television series currently titled Vice City. Set in 1980s Miami, the show will follow three friends who form a heist crew in the city. With its nod to the GTA location and drug-filled atmosphere, 50 Cent’s post was a tease for this new television project instead of confirming his involvement in GTA 6 50 Cent as many had hoped.

While 50 Cent sparked massive GTA 6 50 Cent rumors online, fans will have to keep waiting for real details from Rockstar. The game remains shrouded in secrecy as rumors swirl about its potential Vice City setting. Only time will tell if 50 Cent or other big name artists will eventually join the highly anticipated GTA 6.


Is 50 Cent confirmed for a role or cameo in GTA 6 50 Cent?

At this point, there has been no official announcement from Rockstar Games involving 50 Cent in GTA 6 50 Cent. His Vice City post turned out to be about a separate television series.

Is 50 Cent Really Joining GTA 6?

As the buzz around 50 Cent’s cryptic Instagram post reached a fever pitch, the term “GTA 6 50 Cent” was on everyone’s minds. However, further details soon emerged providing important context about the true meaning behind his Vice City tease. While understandable why fans connected it to GTA 6 50 Cent given the game’s long-rumored return to Vice City, 50 Cent clarified his post was hinting at something else entirely.